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Kerry Kirsch Web Site

Welcome to my web site home page. This site remains under construction, but I have added some update. Added are some videos in the robot page that I digitized and some paint process information on the Projects & Technology page. Any suggestions are appreciated.

My Background

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education and have been involved with Robotics and Automation for many years. I have collected some information that is not in the mainstream and won't see anywhere unless you really dig. I hope that many of you that visit here will be able to share their experience and help me expand the history. Most of the photos and information included are those that I took and experiences I have had.


Please feel fee to have a look at my PDF Profile and contact me if you have any questions, or would like a copy of my resume.

Current Events

Due to the current business economy in southeastern Michigan, I have found myself laid-off and searching for a position. There are clearly a lot more people looking for jobs than there are positions available, but I'm optimistic that I will find a terrific opportunity with a respected company with some hard work. I am also interested in any consulting, or contract opportunities that would allow me to contribute my experience and skill on a temporary basis. I have a lot of experience a an Engineering Manager working on developing products and customer projects in Robotics and Automation. I have managed many projects, large and small. Paint process and application is also something that I have a lot of experience with.


Please feel free to Email me directly at, or check out my profile on if you are aware of any opportunities for employment, consulting, contract projects or would like to share some information that would benefit this page.


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